Wednesday, 7 November 2012

House boat and Nile cruises: See Egypt through the river’s eye

Ever thought of a holiday as romantic as you find in those unearthly fairy tales? Ever thought that your honeymoon can be a charming and unforgettable experience amidst the most loveable ambience God has conjured on the planet? Egypt is a country which is the ultimate place of romance. It is true that the country is chiefly reputed for its pyramids, sphinxes and other historical archives. But a stay in the house boat on the river Nile can be one of the most memorable things you have ever done in your life! 

Welcome to Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs and the Nile! If the country regales a historian with its rich historical treasures, than it equally mesmerizes a honeymooner with its princely Nile that can make you relive the bygone eras. Nile cruises are in popular demand and offer extraordinary services to tourists and travelers. On a cruise ship, you get to travel through almost the entire country as the flowing waters take you into the amazing Aswan, the charismatic Cairo, and the loveable Luxor. Under a honeymoon travel package, you can reap all the benefits of traveling on these cruises and have the best period of your life. A cruise can be the perfect gift you can make to your spouse! 

As the water of Nile swirls and heaves, it gives you a superb view of the skyline and the shores. Even from far away, you can trace out the giant monuments and the famous temples. Spending some cozy hours in a house boat is a revelation. It is romantic and panoramic. These boats and cruises travel through a fixed route and allow you to witness the country in all its glory. How can you not fall in love with the wondrous beauty of Egypt and with the exuberance of the longest river of the world? 

Nile has so much to offer apart from just waters and tides! It is the source of inspiration, life blood and the hub of culture and civilization for centuries. Nile cruises give you an once-in-a-lifetime experience of gorging on the beauty of the mighty Nile and feasting on the history of the country. These cruises and boats cover all major destinations including Cairo, Aswan and Luxor so that you can have a completely bewitching and satisfying sightseeing experience. It is a luxurious yet elegant way to discover Egypt and to rediscover life! You may have been into the flashy theatres and the gaudy malls in other western countries! But Nile silently holds something which is a rarity and which is your gateway to the heavenly past.

Under a honeymoon travel package, you can also avail good discounts. Besides, the major tour operators will fill you up with all the detailed information about the places you get to visit. Charges of cruise ships and a house boat are quite reasonable, given that you get to have the best few hours of your life! Egypt and Nile are inseparable, and it is vital that you see the country through the river’s eye.


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