Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Relax yourself while you sail down the Nile

Egypt is known for its beautiful and exotic beaches and historic monuments. The river Nile is a great place for entertainment not only for the local Egyptians but it also attracts thousands of tourists every year. Felucca is a traditional sailboat that is famous in the river Nile. People who visit Egypt love to enjoy a relaxing ride in these boats. The hot breeze in the summer evenings is a lovely time to enjoy a ride in a Felucca. It is common to see friends get together in Felucca wherein they rent the boat for hourly basis.

Small boats in the Nile were a primary means of transportation for a long period of time. The ancient look of the boat still continues to grace the river Nile. Despite the use of motorized boats, modern cruises, Felucca still remains a piece of attraction for the tourists. The Felucca normally does not have an engine and it relies on breeze and the river’s current to move.  The southern moving wind in the country of Egypt helps in pushing the boat upriver. The downstream is mainly on the river’s current.

Tours and travel packages to Egypt include a ride in small boats in the Nile. Some of these feluccas are used for long voyages that last for several days. However, these long rides are generally preferred by adventurous tourists.  The basic layout of the Felucca remains the same as those used in the ancient period. The latest ones are however made of wood. These small boats have a heavy center plate and the sails are made of cotton or natural fibers. Cushions are used to furnish the circumference of the boat with a center table which is fixed. This enables people to enjoy a picnic style of atmosphere. The captain of the boat is usually dressed up in his Galabeya which is the tradition dress of the Egyptians. He is responsible for the movement of the vessel.

Felucca rides can be enjoyed in Cairo and Maadi as well.  There are no obstructions for the movement of the feluccas in and around Maadi and therefore people who prefer to enjoy a longer ride in these boats, generally choose felucca rides at Maadi. The river Nile is everything for the Egyptians and you can see people cooking, washing, drinking, fishing and bathing in the river while you enjoy a ride in the small boat.

A ride in a Felucca is a fantastic experience, so do not miss it.


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