Saturday, 5 January 2013

Egypt holidays: Dahabiya cruise and Luxor cruises take you through history books

Egypt is one of those countries which have a fairy-tale like quality. Its pyramids hold a fascinating quality and its sphinx’s mysterious beauty is hard to decipher. The profoundness of the culture and history that this place holds is truly remarkable. Egypt holidays have this quaint attribute. They can take you to an unearthly part of the world where you will forget your present and feel like living in the past. The treasure trove and the historical archives which this African nation possesses can definitely make a mark on your heart and memory. 

Dahabiya cruise over the Nile is one interesting and popular way to explore the vivid natural and pristine beauty of the country. Nile’s name deserves no introduction. There would be hardly any child who hasn’t heard of the significance of the river to the human civilization. It is the lung and the heart of a country which could so easily had been a barren, inhabitable land had the river not blessed it with its comforting presence. Apart from gorging on the natural scenes, a Dahabiya cruise also offers you good view of the various human-made structures including the pyramids and the sphinx of Giza.

The cruise takes you through every part of the country showing you the fields, the ancient runes as well as the modern-day cities. Luxor is one important city which will lie during your journey. Its high historical worth makes it indispensable for the travel operators to include it in the package. Most cruises run between the two cities of Luxor and Aswan, giving you a rich spectacular view of the myriad towns and bazaars in between. Luxor cruises are extremely popular because they allow you to set your eyes on the two most famous temples of the country. The Luxor Temple is an extremely religious locale which holds a significant place in the country’s culture and history. The Karnak Temple is also a must-visit spot which greets thousands of travelers every year. 

Both these temples have that feel of déjà vu. You can easily smell the presence of the ancient man and the forlorn culture in these corners. It is easy to get nostalgic and easier to forget about your very own existence. These legendary places do give you a shiver down your spine, once you realize that you are standing on the premise of history itself. Luxor cruises also give you a first-class view of various other sites. The journey shall also connect you with the Valley of the Kings. It lies in the proximity to Aswan and is a spot where the tombs of several Pharaohs are situated. The one housing the dead Tutankhamen is also present here and is the most popular of them all.

Your Egypt holidays shall also give you a peek of the countless modern day stuff which the county has come up with. The museums, restaurants, hotels, art galleries, markets and other attractions lend an element of sophistication. The contrast with the pyramids of the past and the hotels of the present age is surreal and poetic. That is why it is said that no other tourist spot can replace Egypt when it comes to the ‘best place to go for a holiday’!


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