Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hire cruises and small boats in the Nile: Get hypnotized by Egypt’s magic

There are several great holiday destinations in the world but none of them can match the historic appeal of Egypt! Egypt and its omnipresent Nile can magically transfer you back into the ancient age. The cruises and the small boats in the Nile operate for tourists and can take you on a memorable voyage down the river and down the memory lane. History comes alive before your very eyes as the river showcases the beauty of the country with an arrogant display of tides. You are taken on a roller coaster ride through the ancient nooks and corners of the country which quietly hold the unspoken secrets of the past. 

Dahabiya Nile cruise will take you into and through Luxor, a city which is the favorite haunt of tourists and almost always included in all cruise packages. It is packed with mythology, history and the evidential monuments. The Thebes is an ancient site which can be an ecstasy for everyone in love with history and archeology. The famed Temple of Queen Hatshepsut is situated here. The Queen was a powerful Pharaoh and perhaps the only female Pharaoh with a reign spanning over two decades. The Karnak complex is another intriguing site which will draw gasps out of you. Leave its beauty aside, it will be the fragrance of its lost history which will jerk at your tear glands and take you back through the time warp. 

Under a private Nile cruise, you get to explore the culture of the country in all its vividness. Even though a cruise sails through the river, it regularly comes to a halt at major sightseeing spots where the tourists can get down and take a look around. Thus, the entire stretch of the country can be covered in quick time and in an interesting way. It is like the Nile holding your hand and showing you the way around!

Another must-visit site in Luxor is the Luxor Museum. It can give you a look into the lifestyle and culture of both the ancient and modern civilization of Egypt. The small boats in the Nile offer you a pleasant escape from the ritzy hotels and a far more romantic experience! Felucca is another noted sailing boat which the tourists can hire. 

Dahabiya Nile cruise will also take you to the Valley of the Kings. The thunderous name is appropriately christened since the place is the burial ground of close to hundred pharaohs. It can also get a bit creepy and spooky with so many tombs around. But it is nevertheless, thrilling and exciting! 

Your private Nile cruise will also show you the modern face of Egypt by taking you to Aswan. The city is beautiful, serene and a heady contrast of past and the present. The top sightseeing locales include Aga Khan’s Mausoleum, Philae Temple, Lake Nasser, Unfinished Obelisk and Sharia-as-Souq. 

Hiring small boats in the Nile can be your perfect way of seeing the country. Boats and cruises can be booked online but make sure to book them in advance.


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