Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Travel to Egypt through a Dahabiya for an unforgettable voyage

If you ever feel frustrated with your life, then simply travel to Egypt with your family and kids. The country is so majestic, mesmerizing and magnificent that it will help you get over all the sorrows and tensions of your hectic life and give a new meaning to your existence. While touring the various cities of Egypt, it is best to get yourself a seat on a luxurious Dahabiya. The fabled ship can help you chalk out a smooth, hassle-free and luxurious voyage. Nile has always lured travelers, writers and historians. It is the lifeblood of the country and you cannot really afford to return back to your homeland without having enjoyed a cruise ride on it.

Nile cruise small boats can now also be hired at very cheap rates. Most tour operators will see to it that all your requirements are met. Some good ones also lend you the opportunity to ask for custom needs. While touring Egypt, you will come across Cairo. While Cairo is an important commercial & trading center, it is also one of the most attractive cities on the country’s map. 

Cairo is pretty much like the city you have read about in the tales of Arabian Nights. It is dusty, crowded, bustling and very cosmopolitan. People from all over the world can be seen here including many from other Asian countries. Cairo is like a magic box which keeps flinging surprises at you. It has some breathtakingly beautiful monuments. Its mosques will evoke awe for their sheer size and piousness. Its local bazaars are interesting to explore and help you do some local shopping. Its pyramids certainly count amongst its top historical jewels and its museums are not just informative but a revelation. 

When you travel to Egypt, you can see the real face of Cairo with your own eyes. It is virtually impossible to depict its exuberant personality through pieces of words. Its chief attractions apart from the pyramids are Historic Cairo and Memphis & its Necropolis. Apart from Cairo, Egypt presents to you other equally delightful towns like Aswan, Luxor and Giza. They are paradise in terms of their collective historic worth. Giza is the must-visit site if you want to face the Sphinx while Luxor’s old monuments and dilapidated temples will give your holiday a satisfying end. Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada are also popular destinations and are primarily noted for the beaches and water sports.

The best way to enjoy of tourism all the cities and to witness all the monuments is through a cruise ride on a private Dahabiya. These vessels take you up and down the river starting the voyage from a pre-defined destination and ending it on a pre-decided city. The cruise can be enjoyed for 2 days or even 4-5 days. Depending on your requirement, you can book one accordingly. In between these days, you will certainly have the best time of your life. Another cheaper option is to book Nile cruise small boats. These small boats are more suited for smaller trips and for smaller groups.


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