Monday, 26 May 2014

Egypt: List of Boats That Cruise the Nile River

Booking a Nile cruise would be the perfect idea for a first time visitor to Egypt. You can always avail the services of airlines, but if you want to relive the history, there is nothing better than sailing by river Nile, remember, in the ancient days, river Nile was the only medium of transport from one place to another.  Cruising through river Nile and visiting the sites of Egypt is a fascinating experience.

Nile cruises may vary in terms of days and hours; however a typical Nile cruise would cover up to four to seven nights. Aswan and Luxor is the route for shorter tour, if you want to go for a longer cruise, you may choose to travel further north to Dendera

If you are looking to spend a romantic time on the river, you may opt for small boats. Small boats in the Nile are exquisite and offer you all the luxuries you can think of. 

Here are some of the Small boats in the Nile

1)      The Royal Cleopatra -   The Royal Cleopatra can be hired on rent. It can accommodate 8 people. The vessel is smaller than other cruise boats and hence can easily maneuver around.

2)      The Oberoi Philae Nile Cruiser - This is a nice boat with 14 cabins, each of them have private balconies, from where you may witness the beauty of the river during night.

3)      Sun Boat III - Sun Boat III has 8 luxurious cabins and 2 suites. This boat is much smaller than other cruisers on Nile, as a result you can have a more intimate experience with your partner.


  1. The Felucca normally does not have an engine and it relies on breeze and the river’s current to move.

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