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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Relax yourself while you sail down the Nile

Egypt is known for its beautiful and exotic beaches and historic monuments. The river Nile is a great place for entertainment not only for the local Egyptians but it also attracts thousands of tourists every year. Felucca is a traditional sailboat that is famous in the river Nile. People who visit Egypt love to enjoy a relaxing ride in these boats. The hot breeze in the summer evenings is a lovely time to enjoy a ride in a Felucca. It is common to see friends get together in Felucca wherein they rent the boat for hourly basis.

Small boats in the Nile were a primary means of transportation for a long period of time. The ancient look of the boat still continues to grace the river Nile. Despite the use of motorized boats, modern cruises, Felucca still remains a piece of attraction for the tourists. The Felucca normally does not have an engine and it relies on breeze and the river’s current to move.  The southern moving wind in the country of Egypt helps in pushing the boat upriver. The downstream is mainly on the river’s current.

Tours and travel packages to Egypt include a ride in small boats in the Nile. Some of these feluccas are used for long voyages that last for several days. However, these long rides are generally preferred by adventurous tourists.  The basic layout of the Felucca remains the same as those used in the ancient period. The latest ones are however made of wood. These small boats have a heavy center plate and the sails are made of cotton or natural fibers. Cushions are used to furnish the circumference of the boat with a center table which is fixed. This enables people to enjoy a picnic style of atmosphere. The captain of the boat is usually dressed up in his Galabeya which is the tradition dress of the Egyptians. He is responsible for the movement of the vessel.

Felucca rides can be enjoyed in Cairo and Maadi as well.  There are no obstructions for the movement of the feluccas in and around Maadi and therefore people who prefer to enjoy a longer ride in these boats, generally choose felucca rides at Maadi. The river Nile is everything for the Egyptians and you can see people cooking, washing, drinking, fishing and bathing in the river while you enjoy a ride in the small boat.

A ride in a Felucca is a fantastic experience, so do not miss it.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Is it Safe for Tourists to Visit the Dahabiya Cruises in Egypt?

Are you looking for a trusted tour operator in Egypt for hiring Dahabiya Cruises? Then end this quest at Oriental Tours Egypt. For centuries many adventurers and travel enthusiasts have been visiting Egypt to explore the magical land of pyramids. There are many ways of exploring this beautiful city of temples and tombs but the most ancient way is by the boats.

The River Nile is known to be one of the longest rivers in the world. This river flows all across Egypt and hence is the best way to explore Egypt. There are many tour companies that offer cruise packages but the Dahabiya Cruises Egypt organized by Oriental Tours Egypt is quite popular. This is the most preferred and traditional route to experience the beautiful scenery around Egypt.

Princess Donia –

This is a 5 nights or 6 days cruise package sailing from Luxor to Aswan.  This has been labelled as one of the most luxurious cruise trips with the best of services offered.

Dahabiya Amoura –

This one is a 4 nights or 5 days cruise tour and is known to be the most romantic cruise tour packages of all.

Dahabiya Judi –

This package is of 5 nights or 6 days. Dahabiya Judi is mostly hired by tourists planning to have a private party as these boats offer great privacy to the travellers. There are only 5 to 10 cabins available in this hence the perfect option for private parties.

Dahabiya Amoura 2-

This package is of 3 nights or 4 days and offers the travellers with a royal feel. 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Get the best Package for Egypt travel

One of the Seven Wonders of the World is from ancient Egypt, The Pyramids of Giza. People travel to Egypt to enjoy the wonderful sights of the country. Some of the amazing places are- Siwa Oasis, Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Al-Azhar Park, Mount Sinai, Islamic Cairo, Library of Alexandria, Deir el-Bahari, Deir el-Medina, Colossi of Memnon, Medinet Habu, Bibliotheca Alexandria, Coptic Museum, Ras Muhammad National Park, Montaza Palace, The Hanging Church, Unfinished Obelisk, Corniche, Mummification Museum, Ramesseum, Citadel of Qaitbay, Elephantine, Pompey’s Pillar,

Egypt has some very beautiful Temples, like- Luxor Temple, Abu Simbel Temple, Kom Ombo Temple, Temples of Edfu Karnak, and some more. Some well-known mosques are- Mohammad Ali Mosque, Madrassa of Sultan Hassan, El-Mursi Abul Abbas Mosque, Ibn Tulun Mosque and Al-Azhar Mosque.

Selected Package    
To visit all the delightful places of Egypt, I needed to select one suitable package. Majorly, there are three kinds of Egypt Tours Package available- Luxury, Adventurous and Classical. Further, under Classical packages, there are three categories- The King of Egypt, The Greatest Pharaoh and The Sphinx. Western Desert Safari, While Desert Safari Upper Egypt and Desert Dahabiya are covered under Adventure packages. And Luxury Packages include- Elegant Egypt, Charm of Sharm and Ramses II. Out of which I chose Charm of Sharm Luxury Package.

Wonderful Journey

In the 7 nights and 8 days program of Egypt Tours Package, I enjoyed thoroughly. The luxury program started from Cairo, where I enjoyed spending three nights, then I was moved to Sharm El Sheikh, where I had fun for four nights and then with complete luxurious treatment throughout the trip, I was dropped back to Cairo.

Thursday, 28 August 2014


A Luxury Nile Cruise pontoon is a profoundly named, gliding, 5-star inn, with the greater part of the offices of typical 5-star lodging, including an unwinding sun deck and swimming pool. All your suppers are incorporated; however refreshments and filtered water are excluded. You will have your en-suite, aerated and cooled lodge (we book upper deck lodges wherever conceivable), and full utilization of every last one of watercrafts offices (restaurants, boats, sun deck, swimming pool, and so forth) We utilize a few distinctive journey pontoons on the Nile, and we will educate you precisely which pontoon we will utilize enough time before your flight, as the vessels shuttle here and there and then here again on the Nile in the middle of Aswan and Luxor, with general breaks for cleaning and support. In any case, we customarily assess to guarantee they are of the same 5-star special standard.

There are tour and travel agencies giving Nile cruise booking Online. You can get in touch with them for the rich excursion of lifetime. The majority of the pontoons offer agreeable convenience and have for the most part twin slept with lodges all of which are aerated and cooled and have private offices. The greater parts of the lodges have surrounding windows managing perspectives of the passing stream bank. All the watercrafts have included a refrigerator, inward phone and TV with neighbourhood and feature channels. Suites are additionally accessible on the off chance that you need to have that tiny bit of additional solace.

On the sundeck you will discover a plunge pool with sun quaint little inns, there are additionally seats and tables in a shaded territory where you can unwind. The gathering territory has wellbeing store boxes and there's even shop ready for you can purchase gifts and essentials.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Develop Your Inner Peace with Meditation Tour in Egypt

Living a hectic life in cities, full of responsibilities and duties can sometime make life monotonous. This monotony will not only extract your enthusiasm about living a cheerful life but will surely going to affect everyone around you. Having a stressful lifestyle affects our body on every level, mentally, physically and even spiritually. One can treat mind and body easily with a little exercise or physical activity, but reviving spiritual health is not possible without meditation.

How about having this spiritual tour in the land of mysticism and hub of secret spiritual power like Egypt. This place has a large number of temples built in the name of different gods, which are also considered the hub of spiritual energy. Whether it is a myth or not, but the calm and soothing surrounding, far from the material world, the magnificent structure and amazing artistic creation will leave you awestruck, taking you to the high levels of comfort.

The meditation tour in Egypt includes arrival to Cairo city, visiting the great pyramids, Egyptian museums, the great sphinx, solar boat, visit to Sakkara, Daheshour, and later leaving for Luxor, visit to other towns like Edfu-com Ombu, Aswan, Abu simbel exploring every spiritual section of Egyptian culture in a 13 day tour.

 While booking the meditation tour in Egypt, make sure you are visiting in the suitable season. Avoid the tour in summer season, as it can get quite hot over here. Apart from this, keep detailed information about your travel itinerary to travel around comfortably. Keep your laptop and cell phone away to enjoy this meditation experience. 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


A Nile cruise could be a rattling approach for a traveler to explore Egypt in a very quicker approach; collectively will very get pleasure from the various temples, monuments and museums. Moreover, the cruise liner becomes an area to induce back to and relax once the agitated rubber-necking. Cruising the Nile is incredibly luxurious and cozy. Furthermore one is experience equivalent experiences of the legendary historical folks. Queen regnant sailed the Nile, Moses was floating associate exceedingly in a very boat of rushes as a babe within the Nile. This will be your best Nile cruise in Egypt.

There are over three hundred Nile cruise boats all providing numerous packages and you're bound to realize one that suits your budget. Most of them have many suites, cabins and regarding five decks. All of them reequipped with feeding rooms or restaurants, and bar lounges. The rooms have all the fashionable amenities, shower/bathtub, wardrobe, television, and a cushy bed and alternative article of furniture. The rooms are air conditioned and one will relax and unwind. The cruise boats usually hold shows within the night round the bar lounge. In truth the cruise boats are like floating hotels.
You can avail of the 3 day four night cruise or maybe a seven day long cruise. The cruise package includes the services of a guide UN agency can accompany you for the sightseeing. A number of the native Nile cruises can get you to go to the Abu Simbel temple too.

In case you're visiting Egypt, you need to expertise the 
best Nile cruise in Egypt.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Egypt: List of Boats That Cruise the Nile River

Booking a Nile cruise would be the perfect idea for a first time visitor to Egypt. You can always avail the services of airlines, but if you want to relive the history, there is nothing better than sailing by river Nile, remember, in the ancient days, river Nile was the only medium of transport from one place to another.  Cruising through river Nile and visiting the sites of Egypt is a fascinating experience.

Nile cruises may vary in terms of days and hours; however a typical Nile cruise would cover up to four to seven nights. Aswan and Luxor is the route for shorter tour, if you want to go for a longer cruise, you may choose to travel further north to Dendera

If you are looking to spend a romantic time on the river, you may opt for small boats. Small boats in the Nile are exquisite and offer you all the luxuries you can think of. 

Here are some of the Small boats in the Nile

1)      The Royal Cleopatra -   The Royal Cleopatra can be hired on rent. It can accommodate 8 people. The vessel is smaller than other cruise boats and hence can easily maneuver around.

2)      The Oberoi Philae Nile Cruiser - This is a nice boat with 14 cabins, each of them have private balconies, from where you may witness the beauty of the river during night.

3)      Sun Boat III - Sun Boat III has 8 luxurious cabins and 2 suites. This boat is much smaller than other cruisers on Nile, as a result you can have a more intimate experience with your partner.