Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Small sailing boats in the Nile: Experience heavenly pleasures of a Nile journey

The Nile, the life blood of Egypt, is not just a great river but an astonishingly serene and enchanting thing which can give you goose bumps if you sail down its wide arms and feel the breezy kiss on your face. Your Egypt tours will be rendered incomplete if you do not experience the joys that the virgin Nile has to offer. There are small sailing boats in the Nile. They can be spotted everywhere having scattered themselves over the river’s humongous body. These boats can also be hired by tourists.

Depending on your requirement, you can hire the boats for a few hours or even for over a day. These boats are completely safe and secure and can give you a sneak glimpse into the organic life of the great river. It can be utterly romantic to sail through the Nile on these boats. The scene of the sinking sun in the horizon or the view of the open, azure sky from beneath can simply send you in a dream-like voyage. If you are with your loved one and wish to spend some cozy hours, then traveling down the Nile can be the most memorable thing you have ever done in your life. 

Nile cruise booking also gives you a chance to board Dahabeya, a traditional golden ship which will not just give you all kinds of comforts but also remind you of the bygone era when the kings & queens of the country used to travel on such ships. One may ask that why should you take a cruise or boat ride across the Nile? There are many reasons one can give. Firstly, the majestic Nile flows through various towns and can give you a peek into the cities in a mesmerizing way. People on Egypt tours need to sail through the Nile to experience the culture, the lifestyle, the tradition, the food and the atmosphere. Nile magically conjures up an ambience which fuses the past with the present. You will be able to hear the whispers of the Pharaohs and at the same time experience the growth of the modern cities. 

Secondly, a Nile voyage is ethereally romantic and highly elative. It can be your passport to paradise. Thirdly, such a journey can be very liberating and exhilarating. You will definitely enjoy a lot and take back pleasant memories. 

Nile cruise booking usually comes with 2-4 days package. But you can also customize your booking to make the trip the way you desire. Some packages also let you enjoy some sporting games like scuba diving. As you sail through the river you will also come across some of the historic treasure troves of the country. From the sphinx to the pyramids, the entire Egyptian history will be laid bare before you in this phantasmagoric ride down the Nile. 

Another great thing is that even if your limited budget doesn’t allow you to book expensive cruises, you can hire small sailing boats in the Nile. These sailing boats are cheaper yet will give you a memorable experience!


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