Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Dahabiya cruise: Your passport to paradise of Nile

Egypt is that perfect country where one can find every aspect of a good holiday. The country’s richly profuse history and an ancient culture teemed with bazaars and the unforgettable Nile certainly makes the trip a unique experience. Those who travel to Egypt never fail to board the Dahabiya for a memorable trip down the river Nile. Nile that flows throughout the country and cuts through the nooks of various cities like Aswan, Cairo and Luxor can give you a pleasant peek into the architecture and outline of the country. 

Dahabiya cruise is a very popular and ingenious way of letting your hair down and enjoying your trip to the fullest. It is a secure and ideal way of feasting your eyes on all the monuments, pyramids, sphinxes, temples and other delights that the place has to offer. Nile is the longest river in the world and is your window to one of the most ancient and richest civilizations in the world. Since the river meanders through the various crevices of the country, you easily get an insight into the quintessential lifestyle which the locals follow. 

Dahabiya Nile Cruise is in heavy demand these days. A Dahabiya is a colossal looking ship with a giant sail. It is grand in looks and is reminiscent of the days when Pharaohs used to enjoy traveling down the Nile on these. These ship-like structures are not just great in looks from the exterior but are stuffed with all the luxurious items from the inside. You can expect a royal treatment, great hospitality and presence of all facilities inside these vessels. Dahabiya has a colonial presence since they were used by the European travelers to sail down the Nile. Their popularity has increased over the years with the tourists appreciating the comfort and experience they offer. 

When you travel to Egypt, you surely would like to explore it in its pristine form. Since Egypt is a huge country with quite a few interesting cities, it may not be possible for you to explore the country on land in just a few days. Dahabiya cruise, on the other hand, makes it possible for you to access different cities in a short time and capture all the mesmerizing moments in your camera and memories. The great thing is that these vessels make a stop-over at certain destinations so that you can take a closer look at the temples and monuments and explore them till your heart’s desire. After you are done, the Dahabiya shall sail again to another destination and for another breath-taking experience! 

Dahabiya Nile cruise is an elegant and classic way of traveling in this country. It certainly lends your holiday a unique personality since you virtually do all the sightseeing on and through the Nile. Furthermore, bookworms who have read Agatha Christie’s ‘Death on the Nile’ will definitely look forward to the delights of the river as described in the book. And yes, they won’t be disappointed! 

To book a Dahabiya cruise, all you have to do is to log on to internet and make a quick online booking.


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