Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Enjoy Egypt holidays through Luxor cruises and sailing boats

Just in case, you are looking for a good holiday destination, then an Egypt trip is thoroughly recommended. Egypt holidays can fill you with the kind of euphoria which perhaps no other destination can match. This is owing to the inimitable historic charm of the country and the unique culture which never fails to bewitch the foreign tourists. And amongst its many cities, Luxor always makes it to the must-visit list of the travelers. Luxor is replete with architectural buildings, crumbling monuments, sedate temples and other remnants from the past which will evoke a flood of emotion within you. 

The best way to discover the country is by sailing over the Nile. Luxor cruises are incredibly famous and pack in all the punch to make your voyage an utterly unforgettable one.  Where else in the world can you explore a country on its river! Nile is not merely a river famed for its length; it is a source of eternal joy for tourists from all parts of the country and across all eras. Many scholars, historians and authors have chronicled the beauty of Nile through their pen. One Hercule Poirot novel by Agatha Christie has its setting on a Nile cruise. The charm of the river is very infectious! No wonder, even authors couldn’t hold themselves from singing to the glory of this river.

The cruise ships and sailing boats which sail through Nile give you a very panoramic view of the surroundings, the river and the sky. The cruises travel through a pre-defined destination and you get the opportunity to witness most of the treasures and gems of the country. Be it Cairo’s monuments or Aswan’s dams or Luxor’s temples- you get a chance to set your eyes on all the good things which the country has to offer. The pyramids and the sphinxes are special attractions of the country. Luxor cruises throw a special emphasis on these sites and even make a landing at certain destinations so that tourists can walk over, take pictures and soak in the historical pleasure. 

These sailing boats will promise you more than you could have expected even in your wildest dream. Throughout the day and night, you can feel the cool wind flirting with your hairs and the sun & moon playing hide-n-seek with the white clouds. You will cruise along in the wake of the river which has been nourishing the country for thousands of years. The experience can give you goose bumps and there won’t be a boring moment.
Luxor cruises come in different packages to suit the need of various tourists. In accordance to your requirement and sightseeing preference, you can make a booking. The cruises are available separately for daytime and nighttime. If you wish to see the country under the sun, then you can go for day bookings. And if you wish to witness the sites under the dark skyline, then night bookings can also be done. Owing to heavy demand for cruise Egypt holidays, you will have to make advance bookings. 

The nature, the temples, the pyramids and the sand- amidst all of these, you will go joyously mad!


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