Saturday, 5 January 2013

Private Nile cruise: How a great honeymoon travel package can pamper you?

Couples having just tied the nuptial knot must come to the country of Egypt for having that perfect start to their matrimonial journey. It is one of the best corners on the planet for spending a honeymoon. Though there are several beach destinations on the planet where one can head for an ocean cruise, but the poetic bliss which the River Nile offers is unmatched and unparalleled. The top tour operators offer exclusive honeymoon travel package to newly wedded couples! By availing these packages, one can go for a romantic honeymoon even at a shoestring budget. 

During your Egypt tour, one of the highlights of your stay will be the private Nile cruise. None can return from this country without taking a look at the pyramids and without going for a cruise ride on the Nile. It is the prerogative of every tourist. And in case, you don’t visit them, you would be committing an act of grave disrespect. Coming to Egypt and not traveling down the Nile is like buying a computer without taking an internet connection! Even the thought is unthinkable! 

Nile is the ultimate birth place where mankind was born and where civilizations cropped up some 5,000 years ago. It has been feeding the deserts for centuries and is regarded with utmost reverence by both the locals and the tourists. You can hire a Dahabeya or a Felucca to sail through the river. You can also hire small boats in the Nile!
It is important to buy your honeymoon travel package and book a private Nile cruise from a well-known operator. Here are a few good things he can offer to you:
i.               Romantic destinations: Since you are honeymooning, you can specifically ask for the more romantic spots to be included in your itinerary. Even while enjoying a cruise, you can select a route which will take you to your favorite places.
ii.                  Budget-friendly packages: Some people are not very eager to pour out their whole savings in a holiday. It is vital to live within your means! And a smart travel agent knows this fact well. Hence, he is always there to show you different kinds of packages so that you can select them as per your financial strength and as per the duration. For instance, if you wish to keep your trip short, you can choose a honeymoon travel package of around 5 days. If you are looking for a long stay, then 10-day or 14-day packages can also be availed.
iii.                Reliable online services: All major operators run their official websites to give you the convenience of booking cruises and small boats in the Nile through internet. Online presence also serves as a token of their genuineness and reliability.
iv.                 All major destinations included: A good operator knows how to satisfy you fully even if you have chosen a low-cost or a low-duration pack. He will make sure to include all the must-see attractions like the Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings, Sphinx, pyramids and Karnak Temple in your private Nile cruise.


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