Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Luxor cruises: 7 things to do in Luxor during your Egypt holidays

Egypt is a fabulous destination for going for a holiday. It is one of those fairy-tale places which are ethereal and suffused with magic. Some of the things you see in this country will fascinate you so much that you shall refuse to believe in their existence. For instance, the astonishing beauty of the pyramids and the sphinxes will not only mesmerize you but will also come with an element of incredulous shock. Though the country has 4-5 popular tourist towns, the one that stands out for its historical prowess is Luxor. 

Your Egypt holidays cannot be complete without a visit to Luxor, the city of ancient temples and ageing monuments. Luxor is a world which is inhabited by the dead as much as it is inhabited by the living. The cluster of tombs bears testimony to it. The presence of those incredible ancient temples, especially the Thebes, make this locale an unforgettable getaway. It is history and heritage rolled into one. One of the best ways to enjoy this city is through Luxor cruises which are conveniently available and are reasonably priced. Such a cruise will also help you spend some hours with the Nile and give you the thrill of a lifetime.

Though the services for Nile cruise in Egypt are open round the year, it is ideal to schedule your tour during the cooler season between October-March. Egypt gets quite hot during the summer. So, even if you do plan a summer trip, you will have to stay indoors during the noon time. 

Here are a few exciting things you must do at Luxor:

Visiting the dead: Nothing thrills you more than watching a horror movie or flipping through the gothic tales of Edgar Allan Poe! Luxor gives you the chance to enliven this horror by arranging a rendezvous with the dead in the tombs where the dead Pharaohs lie peacefully.

Exploringthe museums: Luxor boasts of some interesting museums that one can explore for fun and to gain knowledge about the culture & history.

Visiting ancient temples: If Giza is famed for its pyramids and sphinx, then Luxor is reputed for its ancient temples. Your Egypt holidays will be left incomplete without admiring these wilted temples built centuries ago.

Ride a camel: If you are from a western country, then it’s unlikely that you have ever ridden a camel! The city gives you that once-in-a-lifetime chance to see what it takes to stop yourself from screaming when you are on top of a camel. 

Enjoy a hot air balloon ride: The adventurists should certainly not miss out on the hot air balloon rides. These balloons will take up in the sky from where you can get a bird eye view of Africa. 

Felucca ride: Luxor cruises allow you to enjoy Felucca ride on the river Nile. It can be very pleasurable and extremely romantic.

Shopping and eating: Shopping and eating can also be savored when you are in Egypt. While the local bazaars and restaurants can serve enough on your plate, you can prepare yourself for a luxurious dinner on a Nile cruise in Egypt.


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