Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Egypt travel package: 10 things you must see during your Egypt holidays

Egypt is one of those places which often top the list of most travel junkies. It is a place for the young and the old, for the male the female and for the Asian and the American! The distinction between classes, society, races and languages just get blurred when one is standing before the majestic pyramids or the intriguing sphinx. Egypt holidays can be savored for the rest of your life. Under an Egypt travel package, you can maximize your sightseeing and minimize your expenses.

Here are the ten attractions of this country you dare not miss out on:

Pyramids: No tourist can leave this country without setting his eyes on the pyramid. They are astonishing structures and a scientific marvel. They were built around 2,000 years before Christ, and yet the modern man cannot replicate the artistry that went into their making. While the country has close to 80 of these giant structures, the best ones are in Giza. Incidentally, most of these marvels are lined on the vicinity of the Nile. Thus, with the help of Dahabiya cruise or Nile cruise booking, you can see each one of them in a very short time.

Thebes: Thebes is the popular site at Luxor. It is an awe-evoking thing encircled by temples, gates and sphinxes. 

Valley of the Kings: Valley of the Kings is that spooky place where the Pharaohs rest in their tombs. Ideally, they can be spotted from Dahabiya cruise since they lie close to the river’s banks.

Siwa Oasis: Siwa Oasis may feature in this list but it is not a place where tourists can usually go. Its inaccessibility and beauty make it a coveted destination in the country.

Karnak temple: The temples of Karnak are mighty structures and carry a strong historic legacy. Visiting these temples can evoke nostalgia within you.

Abu Simbel: Abu Simbel is another iconic site which is often included in the itinerary of an Egypt travel package. It towers over its neighboring buildings and stands by the Nile in all its vanity.

Cairo: Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and is filled with amazing attractions including Museum of Antiquities, Old Cairo, Tutankhamen Gallery and Khan al Khalili Bazaar.

Museum of Nubian: The Nubian Museum is interesting to the students of history and archeology since it exhibits many items that have been excavated. It is located in the city of Aswan.

Hurghada: Hurghada is an exotic destination that deserves a place in your plans for Egypt holidays. If the sunshine, sand and beaches are your forte, then you will fall insanely in love with this place.


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