Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Egyptian delights: Enjoy Nile and Egypt by boarding a Dahabeya

The best place to have a family vacation is Egypt, the land of pyramids and sphinx. And the best way to enjoy Egypt is by booking cruise in a Dahabeya. Dahabeyas are ship-like structures which are designed and portrayed in the traditional Egyptian style. They can be really beautiful and a ride on them is a source of incessant joy. There are several tour operators who offer you quick and easy booking of these vessels. Most of the big players run their own websites where they fill in all the vital information and FAQs to help you with your queries. Thanks to internet, now it is very easy to make an online booking and secure your journey safely and seal it with happiness.

If ship is not something you are looking for, you can also hire small sailing boats in the Nile. There are pros and cons involved for both. While a ship or Dahabeya is more luxurious and safer, these small boats despite being comfortable are not as luxurious. Plus, it is ideal to board a safe vessel if you are traveling with family and kids. On the other side, these small boats give you the opportunity to enjoy a custom holiday with only your loved ones. The privacy is more and you feel a lot closer to the Nile and the nature. 

Felucca sailing in the Nile is also another option. Again, depending on your requirements and budget, you can book one accordingly. Ideally, experts recommend that while booking a cruise, you go for the comprehensive package which will include all the facilities. Thus apart from transportation, you can enjoy breakfast & meals and you can also make the most of your sightseeing experience. Accommodation facilities on these large vessels vary as per your demand and budget. From the simple rooms to the more luxurious ones to the most luxurious ones- everything is up for grabs. You just need to spill some cash and you can have the entire Nile at your feet, quite literally! 

The luxurious Dahabeyas can cost you more but the joy you derive out of it will be bliss. They have beautifully designed and adequately furnished rooms with windows that face the open rivers. When you sleep, you will feel that you are sleeping under the stars, and when you wake up you will be greeted by the tranquil tides of the moody Nile. Again, the thing with a Dahabeya or a ship is that they are priced differently for their different corners. For instance, in most cruises the upper decks are pricier than the lower ones. 

Most itineraries cover the important cities like Cairo and Luxor. The journey from Aswan to Luxor can be completed in nearly 3 days during which you can set your eyes on temples, mosques and monuments. There is always a guide to help you out. In fact, even small sailing boats in the Nile will come with guides. Felucca sailing in the Nile is another option before you. It is important to make bookings from a well-known operator for complete convenience and comfort.


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