Monday, 7 January 2013

9 Egypt Travel Tips

Egypt is a country with a great heritage of art, architecture and culture. It is the country which has given us the pyramids, the Sphinx and thousands of years of rich history. If you are planning to travelto Egypt anytime soon, there are a few pointers that you should remember. They are as follows:

1. If you are traveling to Egypt for the first time, be prepared for something of a culture shock. It is very possible that you may not have visited a country like this ever before!

2. This country is a Muslim one and as a visitor, it is only right that you respect the people's faith. Homosexuality is illegal and things like kissing or other public displays of affection are things
you should rather not do in public. You don't want to be frowned upon by the residents, do you? It is a lot better to have a more conservative attitude while you are in the country.

3. Read up as much as possible before you go traveling to Egypt, because that is the best way to know the country. Though books like Rough Guide and Lonely Planet are good, it is a good idea to read as much as you can on the internet as well.

4. If you are someone who is not traveling with a travel company, it is very important that you inform the hotel you are staying at about your plans. In case you get lost it is always a good idea to keep the phone number of the hotel handy so that you can ask for help.

5. It is very important that you eat in recommended places only. Eat out only in restaurants that serve healthy and clean food and those that maintain proper hygiene. You don't want to get a stomach upset while you are traveling, right?

6. Drinking water in Egypt can actually be dangerous. If you are someone who lives in a country where people drink water straight from the tap, don't do it in Egypt. Just buy bottled water. It is good and cheap.

7. It is a much better idea to travel in a group in this country for a variety of reasons. We are not asking you to buy package tours from travel companies. What we are saying is that traveling with a group of people (something which can be organized in your own country or after you land in Egypt) is much safer and a whole lot more fun.

8. Like in all countries, in Egypt too you will come across people who want to rip off tourists. It is normal to be charged more just because you are a foreigner. So be prepared to bargain a lot for everything!

9. Get to know other tourists staying in your hotel. They will usually have good ideas for places to eat and things to do and not to do. Also, you can arrange to travel with them as a group while in the country.Book Cheap Tickets from Traveling to Egypt is going to be a fun experience for you.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Private Nile cruise: How a great honeymoon travel package can pamper you?

Couples having just tied the nuptial knot must come to the country of Egypt for having that perfect start to their matrimonial journey. It is one of the best corners on the planet for spending a honeymoon. Though there are several beach destinations on the planet where one can head for an ocean cruise, but the poetic bliss which the River Nile offers is unmatched and unparalleled. The top tour operators offer exclusive honeymoon travel package to newly wedded couples! By availing these packages, one can go for a romantic honeymoon even at a shoestring budget. 

During your Egypt tour, one of the highlights of your stay will be the private Nile cruise. None can return from this country without taking a look at the pyramids and without going for a cruise ride on the Nile. It is the prerogative of every tourist. And in case, you don’t visit them, you would be committing an act of grave disrespect. Coming to Egypt and not traveling down the Nile is like buying a computer without taking an internet connection! Even the thought is unthinkable! 

Nile is the ultimate birth place where mankind was born and where civilizations cropped up some 5,000 years ago. It has been feeding the deserts for centuries and is regarded with utmost reverence by both the locals and the tourists. You can hire a Dahabeya or a Felucca to sail through the river. You can also hire small boats in the Nile!
It is important to buy your honeymoon travel package and book a private Nile cruise from a well-known operator. Here are a few good things he can offer to you:
i.               Romantic destinations: Since you are honeymooning, you can specifically ask for the more romantic spots to be included in your itinerary. Even while enjoying a cruise, you can select a route which will take you to your favorite places.
ii.                  Budget-friendly packages: Some people are not very eager to pour out their whole savings in a holiday. It is vital to live within your means! And a smart travel agent knows this fact well. Hence, he is always there to show you different kinds of packages so that you can select them as per your financial strength and as per the duration. For instance, if you wish to keep your trip short, you can choose a honeymoon travel package of around 5 days. If you are looking for a long stay, then 10-day or 14-day packages can also be availed.
iii.                Reliable online services: All major operators run their official websites to give you the convenience of booking cruises and small boats in the Nile through internet. Online presence also serves as a token of their genuineness and reliability.
iv.                 All major destinations included: A good operator knows how to satisfy you fully even if you have chosen a low-cost or a low-duration pack. He will make sure to include all the must-see attractions like the Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings, Sphinx, pyramids and Karnak Temple in your private Nile cruise.

Nile cruise booking: Get embraced by history and romance with Egypt travel package

Egypt, nestled in northern Africa, is one miraculous holiday destination. It is a gateway to the world of history and mystery, to the venue of adventure and sports, to the land of deserts and cruises. An Egypt travel package is the best thing you can do for your family. Egypt tour is a journey through the folds of history down to the valleys that date back to thousands of years back. Those who travel to Egypt actually travel to the bygone eras when the world hadn’t been spoiled by technology and the planet was still green. 

Cities like Cairo, Giza, Aswan and Luxor simply take you on a thumping joyride giving you a visual treat of the wondrous pyramids, temples and sphinxes. One of the more popular ways to sightsee these incredible attractions is through a Nile cruise booking. The river scurries down from its source and passes through most of these locales and gives its visitors a perfect view, which stays with you forever. Everyone from a honeymooner to a backpacker heads to this African land to have a trip which is extremely memorable

The best time to travel to Egypt is during the months of September-March when the weather is cool. But if you are used to tropical climate and do not mind a little bit of heat, then you can also plan a summer trip. In fact, during the off-seasons you can avoid the crowd and can get additional discounts on an Egypt travel package. The country also has plenty of sports and adventure activities to spoil you. Those who have a penchant for outdoor activities can regale themselves by enjoying various sporting activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and hot air ballooning. Places like Sharm-el-Sheikh offer a huge array of sea sports. This North African country is situated beside the Red Sea. Hence, an excellent coral reef presents itself for the delight of the divers and surfers.

Nile cruise booking facilities are now offered by most tour operators. Interestingly, you can avail of these facilities by simply logging on to your computer and accessing the official home pages of a good operator. Technology may have killed the X-gen’s childhood and made everyone a couch potato, but one of its merits is that it gives you a convenience which nothing else can provide. Without wasting much time or without making any long journeys, you can easily fetch an Egypt travel package. Because of internet, you can also find the best deals and the most suitable tour packages. 

Amongst the many attractions which you must visit during your trip, the chief ones are the pyramids, sphinx, temples of Luxor and Karnak and the Valley of the Kings. These are intriguingly charming places where history has left an indelible footprint. The pyramids have this timeless appeal and an undefined elegance. Even the culture and tradition of the country will give you a jaw-dropping experience. There is a feel of Arabian Nights stories in the settings and background of Egypt. When you travel to Egypt, you will not be able to escape the nostalgia and the ethereal romance which are bound to grip you tight and keep you locked in a tight embrace.

Felucca sailing in the Nile: Tiptoe into the realms of history

If you are looking for an exciting place to go for a family holiday, then Egypt is the number one choice suggested by most travel operators. There are many good places on the world map right from the west to the east, from north to south! But none has that ubiquitous charm which this country easily commands. There are many reasons for the popularity of Egyptian holiday! One reason is that it has pyramids and sphinx, something which no other country in the world can boast of. Secondly, it has a very ancient culture whose history dates back almost to the era of the birth of mankind. And thirdly, the Nile flows through this region, thereby establishing a relationship which has made the country what it is today- a cradle of history and civilization!

Through Nile cruise small boats, a tourist can have the best of sightseeing and entertainment. It is said that there’s nothing more heart-rending than to travel down the slopes of this meandering river as it dissects the nation and feeds its various corners. A Felucca is a vessel which can be hired for a family trip. You can hire it for a few hours or for a few days, depending on your budget and requirement. It can be an unforgettable experience to go for Felucca sailing in the Nile. It shows you all the good and bad things, all the beautiful and the lost charms of Egypt. 

One great thing about Egypt is that it takes immense pride in its culture. Hence, you will find the presence of its indigenous culture at every point of your trip. Even during the Dahabiya Nile cruise, you will love the hospitality and the traditional customs with which you will be greeted all the time. Dahabiya is a huge vessel which is extremely picturesque and has a postcard-perfect appearance. If you are traveling with your family, then you should hire it for full comfort and amenities. Alternatively, you can also hire small sailing boats or a Felucca.

With Nile cruise small boats, you get the license to be thrilled. The unspoiled beauty of the river’s basin and the sheer size of various pyramids are enough to send a chill down your body. The first time a pyramid comes into your sighting range, you shall simply erupt in ecstasy. After reading about these wonders of the world for decades, you can finally look at them in reality. 

Dahabiya Nile cruise takes you to so many cities like the Luxor, Cairo and Aswan. These are some of the focal points on the Earth for a history lover. The old age seems to fuse with the 21st century in these corners of the planet. They do not have any dearth of the glitzy hotels and posh restaurants or malls. But these modern day wonders are easily overshadowed by the 2,000 year old temples, pyramids and sphinx. With Dahabiya or Felucca sailing in the Nile, you can easily make the most of your holiday. There’s so much to sightsee in this country that your hormones won’t just stop flowing!

Egypt holidays: Dahabiya cruise and Luxor cruises take you through history books

Egypt is one of those countries which have a fairy-tale like quality. Its pyramids hold a fascinating quality and its sphinx’s mysterious beauty is hard to decipher. The profoundness of the culture and history that this place holds is truly remarkable. Egypt holidays have this quaint attribute. They can take you to an unearthly part of the world where you will forget your present and feel like living in the past. The treasure trove and the historical archives which this African nation possesses can definitely make a mark on your heart and memory. 

Dahabiya cruise over the Nile is one interesting and popular way to explore the vivid natural and pristine beauty of the country. Nile’s name deserves no introduction. There would be hardly any child who hasn’t heard of the significance of the river to the human civilization. It is the lung and the heart of a country which could so easily had been a barren, inhabitable land had the river not blessed it with its comforting presence. Apart from gorging on the natural scenes, a Dahabiya cruise also offers you good view of the various human-made structures including the pyramids and the sphinx of Giza.

The cruise takes you through every part of the country showing you the fields, the ancient runes as well as the modern-day cities. Luxor is one important city which will lie during your journey. Its high historical worth makes it indispensable for the travel operators to include it in the package. Most cruises run between the two cities of Luxor and Aswan, giving you a rich spectacular view of the myriad towns and bazaars in between. Luxor cruises are extremely popular because they allow you to set your eyes on the two most famous temples of the country. The Luxor Temple is an extremely religious locale which holds a significant place in the country’s culture and history. The Karnak Temple is also a must-visit spot which greets thousands of travelers every year. 

Both these temples have that feel of déjà vu. You can easily smell the presence of the ancient man and the forlorn culture in these corners. It is easy to get nostalgic and easier to forget about your very own existence. These legendary places do give you a shiver down your spine, once you realize that you are standing on the premise of history itself. Luxor cruises also give you a first-class view of various other sites. The journey shall also connect you with the Valley of the Kings. It lies in the proximity to Aswan and is a spot where the tombs of several Pharaohs are situated. The one housing the dead Tutankhamen is also present here and is the most popular of them all.

Your Egypt holidays shall also give you a peek of the countless modern day stuff which the county has come up with. The museums, restaurants, hotels, art galleries, markets and other attractions lend an element of sophistication. The contrast with the pyramids of the past and the hotels of the present age is surreal and poetic. That is why it is said that no other tourist spot can replace Egypt when it comes to the ‘best place to go for a holiday’!