Saturday, 5 January 2013

Felucca sailing in the Nile: Tiptoe into the realms of history

If you are looking for an exciting place to go for a family holiday, then Egypt is the number one choice suggested by most travel operators. There are many good places on the world map right from the west to the east, from north to south! But none has that ubiquitous charm which this country easily commands. There are many reasons for the popularity of Egyptian holiday! One reason is that it has pyramids and sphinx, something which no other country in the world can boast of. Secondly, it has a very ancient culture whose history dates back almost to the era of the birth of mankind. And thirdly, the Nile flows through this region, thereby establishing a relationship which has made the country what it is today- a cradle of history and civilization!

Through Nile cruise small boats, a tourist can have the best of sightseeing and entertainment. It is said that there’s nothing more heart-rending than to travel down the slopes of this meandering river as it dissects the nation and feeds its various corners. A Felucca is a vessel which can be hired for a family trip. You can hire it for a few hours or for a few days, depending on your budget and requirement. It can be an unforgettable experience to go for Felucca sailing in the Nile. It shows you all the good and bad things, all the beautiful and the lost charms of Egypt. 

One great thing about Egypt is that it takes immense pride in its culture. Hence, you will find the presence of its indigenous culture at every point of your trip. Even during the Dahabiya Nile cruise, you will love the hospitality and the traditional customs with which you will be greeted all the time. Dahabiya is a huge vessel which is extremely picturesque and has a postcard-perfect appearance. If you are traveling with your family, then you should hire it for full comfort and amenities. Alternatively, you can also hire small sailing boats or a Felucca.

With Nile cruise small boats, you get the license to be thrilled. The unspoiled beauty of the river’s basin and the sheer size of various pyramids are enough to send a chill down your body. The first time a pyramid comes into your sighting range, you shall simply erupt in ecstasy. After reading about these wonders of the world for decades, you can finally look at them in reality. 

Dahabiya Nile cruise takes you to so many cities like the Luxor, Cairo and Aswan. These are some of the focal points on the Earth for a history lover. The old age seems to fuse with the 21st century in these corners of the planet. They do not have any dearth of the glitzy hotels and posh restaurants or malls. But these modern day wonders are easily overshadowed by the 2,000 year old temples, pyramids and sphinx. With Dahabiya or Felucca sailing in the Nile, you can easily make the most of your holiday. There’s so much to sightsee in this country that your hormones won’t just stop flowing!


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