Sunday, 21 July 2013

Dahabiya Nile Cruise is very popular with the cognoscenti!

Egypt has an irresistible attraction for travellers especially those interested in history and its famous monuments see an onslaught of visitors day in and day out. The River Nile flows through Egypt and along its banks, one of the oldest civilizations of the world had taken roots.  A Nile cruise in Egypt is hence a must-do not only for the history buff but for the majority of tourists. A journey on this fabled river can be done either on big cruise liners or you can opt for the more intimate and personal dahabiya Nile cruise which is a wonderful way to soak in the history of this country.

The dahabiyas are small sailing boats without an engine and so sailing on these boats is without any of the annoying, accompanying vibrations or noise. Used extensively by royalty for their travel in the past, these boats are still very popular with the cognoscenti. A dahabiya Nile cruise allows you to drink in the beauty of the countryside while gliding placidly on waters with the remnants of famous temples looming on the horizon. Not only are the oft-visited sights taken care of but you also have the privilege of seeing lesser-known sites on a dahabiya Nile cruise.

The Rais or the skipper and his crew ensure that you will want for nothing and you will get to enjoy the most delicious cuisine and the most comfortable accommodation. With personalized attention, guests will feel that they are on their own private yacht which, in all truth is actually like that as the number of guests a dahabiya can accommodate is mercifully very limited.

For a relaxed and exclusive way of journeying down the Nile there is nothing to beat the royal dahabiya Nile cruise!


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