Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Nile cruise: an exotic cruise into a bygone historic era
Egypt has emerged as one of the leading holiday destinations in the world because of its vast culture, history and nightlife. Youngsters, young couples and families enjoy an Egyptian holiday in equal measure. It is the perfect destination for a summer holiday. Taking a Nile cruise in Egypt is one of the best ways to explore the country while wallowing in luxury. The Nile being the most famous river in the world and the building foundation of the country of Egypt is something that is not to be missed. Before you plan your plan your big Nile cruise in Egypt holiday, there are certain factors you must be aware of like the different modes of travel, the ideal number of days etc. 

For your Nile cruise in Egypt by OrientalToursEgypt, you can take a traditional dahabiya or a felucca. Both these vessels are traditional Egyptian vessels that typically fit 10-20 passengers. These vessels are luxurious and you can choose depending on your preferences. If you prefer solitude, then you can book one that offers spa services so that you can spend time getting pampered while sailing on the Nile. The choice of vessel is not much of a debate since you can get one that matches your needs exactly. The important thing is to decide the right number of days on the cruise. A 3-4 day cruise will get you an introduction to the river Nile and you will be able to see famous spots. However, if you want to seep in a little more culture, then go in for a 7-10 day cruise holiday. These numbers of days are perfect for you to explore the river and its surroundings thoroughly.
If you plan your holiday well, the Nile cruise in Egypt is something you will never forget!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Cruise Vacation Tips - Where Is the Most Stable Cabin on a Cruise Liner?
Choosing a most stable cabin can be challenging and fun at the same time, and not just a slight annoying on occasion. Oriental Tours Egypt Luxor Cruises Package is the best choice to make. However, before booking the cabin, ask yourself few questions as below:

Do you have a tendency to get sick while sailing?

Do you like to relax on your balcony rather than hanging with the crowd here and there in the pool vicinity?
On the other hand, is your plan is of a cruise cabin just a place to droop into bed –No fancy ideas essential?
Choosing Oriental Tours Egypt Luxor Cruises Package will ensure all your needs to have a great cruise vacation. Their amazing tailored Egypt Luxor packages will enable you to have great nights exploring wonders of Luxor cities. This exciting tour package includes Dahbeya Judi, Dahabeya Amoura, Princess Donia, Dahabeya Al- Pasha so on.

Dahbeya Judi of Oriental Tours Egypt Luxor Cruises Package is the kind of once in life time experience package. If you are a writer or artist or among those who don’t like to mingle with many people, will extremely enjoy this package. This small boat will allow you to grab pictures; artist can paint amazing sceneries as well. Dahabeya Amoura, this private Nile cruise sail can be a wonderful gift to your wife on her birthday or wedding anniversary celebration. Nevertheless, one can enjoy the concealed assets of ancient Egypt with small sailing boat of Dahabeya package called as Dahabeya Al- Pasha. This house boat sailing can make your family so excited and give a feeling of very distinctive experience.