Friday, 11 April 2014

Felucca Sailing is Nile is very pleasant

Egypt is one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in the world map. It is the land of pyramids and deserts, pharaohs and mummies and many hidden secrets in the heart of the land. Egypt is a beautiful place for honeymooners, the ancient look of the city Cairo, the mysterious Luxor, the nostalgic Alexandria, the scenic Nile and the areas surrounding the banks of it.

People who haven’t been to Egypt thinks of the land as a dead place surrounded by deserts and tombs of Pharaohs and Queens, but those who have been there know the variation in the nation. Egypt is not just a land of deserts and pyramids but it has a great gift of God in the name of the River Nile. Nile is a relief for the people of Egypt; it is a holy gift which benefits the Egypt in every way, politically, economically and visually as well. If Nile wouldn’t have been there in Egypt there would have been not a single inhabitant there.

 Nile is extremely serene and scenic; people go there to enjoy vacation. Nile is a perfect location for the honeymooners who want to spend a silent and quality time in each other’s company. One of the most striking things in the River Nile is the felucca ride. The felucca ride is very beautiful and calm and romantic as well. Felucca Sailing in the Nile is one of the major reasons why newlywed couples go there. The Felucca Sailing in the Nile is an experience of life time.


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