Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Dahabeya cruise ride: What makes it so special for Egyptian sightseeing?

If you are planning to enjoy sightseeing of Egypt, then the best way to do it is to book a Dahabeya. It is a royal-looking vessel which is now used widely for the purpose of tourism. Tourists from all the countries are taken on a cruise down the Nile on its comforting cabins to give them the experience of a lifetime. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that one can have the most pleasurable view of the country through the channels of the Nile. Since, many of the country’s attractions are stacked up right on the embankments; so one can spot them all by simply traveling down the river on cruises.


If you stay on terrestrial hotels, then your expenses are likely to shoot up. Plus, it can be really hassling for anyone to visit so many cities and explore the myriad attractions. Cairo, Luxor, Aswan are all must-visit towns. But they are separated by some distance and it will eat up a lot of time and money to visit them one by one through inland transport.

On the other hand, a Dahabeya cruise gives you the opportunity to stay within one vessel and move over to all these places without any trouble or extra expenditure. Your entire week would be like a long holiday spent over a floating hotel encompassed with all luxuries which the Saudi Arabian Airlines cruise has to offer. It can be thus economic and time-saving. Through good transport from Dahabeya to San Francisco really a great scenario. More tour stops with San Francisco Tours. San Francisco Sightseeing Tours by San Francisco Shuttle Tours. Includes Bay Cruise and Free Refreshments.

Plus, it is the most ideal way to check out the Luxor temples and the Cairo’s pyramids without having to compromise on safety or money. Most trips on the Dahabeya are programmed for 3-7 days, though one can also request for a custom-made curriculum. For excellent attractions, for lovely lavish meals, for friendly guides and for complete safety and economy, a cruise ride is the best way for Egyptian sightseeing. Grab Air Canada (AC) flights on and save big! We offer unbeatable tickets and airfare deals online. Book now and get your Air Canada Reservations instantly

3 special advantages of booking Nile cruise small boats

When you are planning to go for a journey down the river Nile, then you can either opt for large vessels like the Dahabiya or you can book Nile cruise small boats. Depending on your family strength, you can choose between either of them. There are pros and cons involved with both if we make a quick comparison.

Nile cruise small boats

Here are some of the top advantages of booking small boats:

i.                    Less expenditure: If you are budget-conscious and do not want to spend a huge sum of money, then it would be wise to book a small boat instead of getting aboard those luxury liners and vessels. There are many tourists who prefer economy when it comes to traveling. And with many good options, you can still get maximum number of facilities in a small boat.

ii.                  More privacy: While you are on a big vessel or a Dahabiya, you will find it difficult to find a private corner. Even though you will have your own private cabin, but the deck will be obviously full of unknown faces and a crowd of co-tourists. If you are a private type of person who would prefer a more solitary setting, then it would be advisable to opt for Nile cruise small boats.

iii.                More adventurous: For various reasons, traveling on a small boat is more adventurous than cruising down a luxury ship! So, if you happen to be one of those adventure-minded peripatetic backpackers, then a miniscule private boat should be the best thing for you. Plus, it is going to help you cut down on your costs and give you reasons to enjoy a holiday even within limited means.