Thursday, 14 February 2013

Discover Egypt with the oriental tours

Egypt has lots of historical background which increases the attraction of this country to the travellers. Before flying off to a place for travelling people need to know the basic informations about this country and for this you need a perfect travel guide who can guide for their entire tour. And for touring in Egypt Oriental tours is the best choice; if you hire this agency then you will experience something different than you experience before with other travel agencies. This agency has good track record for dealing with customers which made them as one of the best travel agencies in Egypt. This company offers expert guidance throughout the entire tour. This company has a large network so it is not a big deal for this company to handle every customer with same care and they have proved that they are reliable. They also offer all necessary informations regarding Egypt to help out the travellers in their tour.

Along with complete tour packages they also offer special boat and treasure on the Nile; you will gain an outstanding experience if you ride on the boats for this program. This will surely be the best part of your tour. Nile Cruise Small Boats are there to take you in the middle of Nile. They offer some exclusive packages like 3 nights Felucca Sailing, 5 nights Felucca Sailing Boat etc. which will bring you a life time experience so wherever you go you will not forget this tour and will remain the best travel tour of your life due to this travel agency.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Exotic Place visit for newly couples Honeymoon

Wedding is a dream for everyone as it is the union of two souls with love and that is why all wants to spend the time so splendid that they can cherish their moments forever. Honeymoon is a part of this where mostly couples like to spend their time alone with each other to some beautiful places. Travelling to some exotic places usually comes into first priority. Places which amaze, gives anxiety to visit are very much appreciable among new couples because some of wants excitement also. Also for those who like travelling, this honeymoon is a special time for them because they try to make it as a general tour also.

There are a lot of names one can think of, but if it’s the name is Egypt then one can find everything starting from amazing places, a lot of excitement to wonder of the world. Oriental tour is a well-known name comes here who provide exceptional honeymoon travel package for the couples. Even one can have their wedding day in Egypt. If a couple wants to celebrate in Egypt, then they can spend their time to the old and new cities or to the pyramids or free leisure in Cairo and they can spend eating their time in different restaurant, oriental and European food etc. That is how a couple can spend their entire week like a celebrity, stays in 3 stars hotels and travel to the most renowned places in Egypt and surely they will cherish their time forever with these Oriental Tour Egypt.