Monday, 23 December 2013

Cruise Tips for First Timers - What to Eat on the Cruise
Experienced cruisers often have regular set of day routine activities. Some make a queue for the poolside bar or foyer, while others proceeds to the buffet. Some like to travel around the ship, uploading photos to social network to make friends feel jealous. 

If you are a debut cruise, and I must say that you will be surprised with the food. You might have heard lots of things about food, especially with Oriental Tours Egypt Holiday Packages. Of course, food includes many varieties and offered in an open buffet manner. Type of food depends on the selection of cruise boat. 

Reason for choosing Oriental Tours Egypt Holiday Packages is that they are the leader of sailing boat; you can enjoy the wonderful experience of Nile tour with them. You can start your tour with a tropical drink served in colorless glass with umbrellas. Just don’t be in the false assumption that a drink offered by waiter is free of cost. However, meals, coffee and tea are served on time according to the time table every day. 

Oriental Tours Egypt Holiday Packages offers specialty dining reservations which you have to reserve online before trip. This reservation can help you to choose the dining time of your choice. It is good suggestion to buy alcohol package to get the most out of it on your boat trip. However, just do some rough calculation before buying the package to make sure it really saves you money. It is always better not to have a dinner in the main dining hall. Less crowded specialty restaurant is the best choice to make your dining night awesome.


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